The Pencil Challenge

Every year cosnova has unsold stock due to changes in trends and planning surplus. The assortment is changing in minimum two times a year.  In this challenge, we want to give the opportunity to use ready to market cosmetic pencils as part of a redesign. The aim of this design challenge is to give these pencils a second purposeful live by incorporating them into a valuable design.
As Cosmetic pencils are continuously leftovers due to a relaunch of colors or packaging, the amount varies. The colors vary individually (using only one specific color for the design is not possible in this challenge). Solutions can range from up-cycling strategies to value creation or new material combinations. For your design, you may use the entire cosmetic pencil as a whole, or just parts of it.

3 main materials: plastic cap, pencil holder with rotating mechanism, lead of the cosmetic pencil in different colors. Some cosmetic pencils are made of clear, see-through plastic, others of non-see-through plastic.