The essence Cosmetic Counter Challenge

Due to new innovations and products, cosmetic counters sometimes need to be redesigned to fit all the products showcased in shops and boutiques. Before new counters are installed in every shop, a limited number is being tested. For this special design challenge we partnered with cosmetic brand essence to take up the challenge of redesigning the components of 215 cosmetic counters. 

In this design challenge, we want to give designers and design students the opportunity to use all or some components of the essence wave counter as part of a redesign (the counters come in their components, not yet put together). This time it is a limited challenge, as there are 215 counters in total. 

The aim of this challenge is to give as many components of the counter as possible a new and purposeful live by creating a highly valuable design.

Solutions can range from up-cycling strategies to value creation or new material combinations. For your design, you may use the entirety of components of a counter, or just parts of it. 



The various material components range from brass eyelet connectors, heat shrinkable tubes, LED chips, to bigger plastic parts. For a detailed list of all the materials and components please contact us via