The Cosmetic Pencil Challenge

From unused makeup pencil to new makeup

by irene


My idea is basicaly, use the plastic of the cosmetic pencil to create the packaging of new makeup products. 
I propose some packaging for these new makeup products, but not the quimic product.


I suggest some packages like:
- A mascara.
- A lipstick.
- A component for different products, such as highlighter, bronzer, blush, compact powder or an individual eye shadow (if size is reduced).
- And finally a shadow palette.

I design the package for that later a brand can use it to develop his products. That component will be made from the plastic of cosmetic pencils, as I mentioned at the beginning, but mixing various colors (I don't know what they will be like), creating an effect like the one attached in the sketches and images.

I think what make my idea unique (if nobody has thought of anything similar), is that I use the material of a makeup product that was not used in a new makeup product that I hope will be used.