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What are T2T designs made of?

This varies widely and depends on the materials that the industry partners provide for challenges. Above all, we ask for industrial waste, because it is usually present in large quantities and has the potential to be reused in greater quantities. It is surprising which high quality standard many materials have and what a pity it is to not use these great recyclables. We aim a long-term relationships with our industrial Partners and therefore we know our partners and their materials. Each material is checked in advance by our Quality Management to minimize surprises.

Is there a minimum amount of scraps the new designs need to contain?

The background of TRASH2TREASURE is to use high-quality material = valuable material and to bring it to a new and better life. But sometimes a concept does not give the ability to build all the components out of materials that already had a first life. Then it is the art of combining old and new. But we wish that this only happens if there is no other possibility. Our curators will make sure that a concept at least 50% upcycling exists. 
In addition, it is of course always possible to use recycled material from other initiatives, such as ocean bound plastic.

What kind of an impact is T2T making?

We are at the beginning with TRASH2TREASURE. But we believe, also through the great feedback so far, that we can actually make a difference. TRASH2TREASURE differentiates itself through the approach of combining design and industry, but we also wish all other concepts to be successful, because together they will make us rethink and transact. We can win the biggest battles in the smallest moment.

Who can participate?

Invited are all those who want to change things with their creative power and believe that garbage is only valuable material in the wrong place. The better and more innovative the concepts, the greater the chance of implementation.

As a designer: You can pick out one of the challenges, describe your idea, the concept and briefly visualize if possible. Then send us via mail.

As a company: Contact us if you have any industrial “waste” in large quantities due to overproduction, defective production etc. Can be either finished products or raw materials that you can not use or sell anymore but we would love to re-manufacture.

As an end consumer: We are always happy to receive your feedback! Follow us on social media to be up to date with our newest projects and their outcomes.