Be part of it

The increasing global awareness for climate issues and sustainability is a movement of individuals.
TRASH2TREASURE supports the potential of ideas on how to use leftovers, packaging and other types of industrial waste.
TRASH2TREASURE offers a platform where producers, creatives and consumers will find support, inspiration, access to up-cyclable material and upcycling design pieces.
TRASH2TREASURE wants to change mind and the perception of waste to maintain the value of resources which are usually seen as waste.

How to join


Invest in our purpose and be part of a change.
Provide industrial waste material - we create and promote up to 3 design competitions per year with your industrial waste material on our platform – incl. supervising, selection of „the best ideas“, evaluating.
Results will be communicated on our channels. You are also invited to communicate the partnership and results.


If you are not having a special material, but want to be part of the movement, be a supporting partner and participate with a Sponsorship.
You are also invited to communicate the sponsorship.