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TRASH2TREASURE offers a platform with the goal to connect consumer, creatives and industry to avoid waste through upcycling and to be an inspiration and request to others to change their mindset and behavior.
Through curating concepts and ideas with a board of well known designers and design experts we ensure Upcycling with high design standards for large quantities of industrial waste.
By creating open design challenges we scout for the best solutions within our network and help to bring those ideas to live through our online platform and accelerator.
The accelerator connects selected participants of the upcycling competitions with a global community of upcycling experts & enthusiasts to give them access to development tools, as well as workshops which will help to refine the creations and get professional support.

How to be part

We are looking for designers, creative professionals and artists who want to participate in our challenges and – above all – want to be part of our mission.
For more information on our challenges click through the open projects or contact us for further details on collaboration.