Creamlight Cloud

THE CHALLENGE | Assortments are changing constantly in the cosmetics business due to fashion seasons. cosnova had an overproduction of glass jars for eyeshadows.
THE IDEA | Glass is a perfect and beautiful material for lightening objects. Above all the bottles and jars for cosmetics are from a high quality to present the product in the most beautiful way and to protect it from damage. We wanted to show, that beauty can be much more beautiful in a second life.
THE SOLUTION | Together with the design duo llot llov from Berlin we have created an amazing beautiful and vivid example, how supposed garbage can be much more beautiful in a second life.
Due to its industrial production, each glass element has a random numbering on the bottom, this visible graphic detail thus reflects its own history of reuse. The different thicknesses of the glass create different light intensities of the lamps. The dimmable LED light elements are held together by an anodised aluminium centre piece, shimmering in precious matt gold. Attached to thin coaxial cables, the light bodies appear to float. Their orientation is random, only their height is fixed. The different materials and their almost cloud-like arrangement create lively shadows and reflections in the room. This lighting installation is a special production and can be adapted according to customer requirements. The CREAMLIGHT CLOUD has been showcased during the Milan Design Week 2021 at ALCOVA.
PRODUCTION & TIMING | Design and production 100% made in Germany, timeframe: 4 month
COMPANY PARTNER | cosnova beauty


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