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Rethink waste – every thing counts

We connect consumer, creatives & industry to find new ways to turn trash into a piece of treasure.

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Tackle real challenges and work with global companies to develop ideas and solutions for unsold goods and waste.


Connect with a network of innovators and creatives and interact with the top minds of the upcycling movement to help your idea being realized.


Get real advice from industry experts through tools which will help you refine your creations.


Get professional support to bring your creations to life. We will help you build, sell and market your product to bring it to fruition.



TRASH2TREASURE wants to bring together companies with designers and design enthusiasts. We are curating concepts and ideas through a board of well known designers and design experts to bring hidden treasures to a new and maybe better purpose. We want to change the perception of waste and maintain the value of resources. Initiated and supported by cosnova beauty and together with the design agency Age5 we have thought about ways how to further utilize products that eventually become waste. We want to be an inspiration and request to others to change their mindset and behavior.

First Outcomes

The design studio llot llov from Berlin has taken up the challenge of unsold nail polish and jointly developed together with cosnova a new material in many experiments. First, they destroyed the bottles and then added the debris to a concrete mixture. The glass particles and the nail-polish sink to the bottom of the cast stone slab and become visible through polishing.

In this way, a new interpretation of colourful terrazzo comes into being, a material that can be used in the kitchen, like shelves, in a bar or on the floor. First products are the dining table BOB and the low table BOBBY, as well as the lamp 25/25.

The objects have been showcaded during the MAISAON&OBJET 2019 in Paris where they have gained huge attention and good feedback from architects and consumers.



April 9–14, 2019
at the Lambrate Design District Milan via Conte Rosso 35, – corner Via Ventura

6 days fuelled by power and creativity.
Many have joined The Upcycling Lab for workshops, lectures, events and master classes on how to tackle waste problems by applying design and up cycling strategies.