THE CHALLENGE | Every year a huge amount of communication banners are produced due to communication on events.
THE IDEA | The high quality material in combination with colourful prints are a good basis for longer living products. The can be sewed, are water resistant and durable.
THE SOLUTION | We have many ideas for a usage. One of our favorite is the creation of our TRASH’chen in various formats. And all one of a kind: no one looking like the other.
The TRASH’chen are made of no longer usable communication banners from essence and Catrice and in their second life they now serve as a cosmetic bag, clutch, pencil case – you name it. We use them as hygienic storage for our medical masks, so we always have a stylish mask just in case! We made something nice even more beautiful – that’s the idea behind TRASH2TREASURE.. We have worked with MAMMU, a fashion and design production company that closely cooperates with young Latvian mothers in need. Many of them are less mobile in the job market due to their inability to work fixed working hours. Rather often these women cannot enroll their children into a kindergarten, as the number of places available is limited. If they cannot afford to hire a nanny, a full time job is not an option for them. The state social benefit is so small that these women virtually have to survive on an income way below a minimum subsistence level. Involvement of these mothers in the business of MAMMU providing them with flexible working hours is both ends and means of the business activity of this social business company. MAMMU organizes their training, teaches them skills required for production of MAMMU fashion wares and provides them with information needed for setting up their own micro-enterprises for production. After completion of the training stage MAMMU provides these women with materials needed for production. Once the work is done, MAMMU buys these wares from mothers. Being a social business, MAMMU is rather a cause than a profit driven enterprise, and the aim of the MAMMU team is the provision of social benefits for mothers, meanwhile producing creative and high-quality fashion and design objects.
PRODUCTION & TIMING | Design and production 100% made in Europe, timeframe: 3 month
COMPANY PARTNER | cosnova Beauty with the brands essence and Catrice.


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