Guhl keeper box for solid shampoo

THE CHALLENGE | Guhl had around 100.000 old Shampoo bottles due to a change of the range. The Material: 100% pure PET of high quality.
THE IDEA | The aim was to use them in a cool but also useful way to support the existing business and create a keeper for the two new solid shampoos.
THE SOLUTION | Challenge our designers with the task to create an iconic box that fits to the measurements in the existing shelf. Outcome is a beautiful keeper with inlay in two colours.
Guhl had 100,000 bottles of shampoo that could no longer be used. After talking to all responsible departments, the basic strategic idea was developed, namely to find a way to support the establishment of the new category of solid shampoos in the market. A Gift with Purchase was the solution, a free product bonus when purchasing one of the two solids in the category. TRASH2TREASURE has briefed a design challenge and invited 4 designers from Germany, Israel and the Netherlands. This resulted in creative, very different concepts, one of which Guhl chose. In the next step, a new tool was built, the bottles re-granulated and transformed into beautiful soap boxes using the injection molding process. We have managed to find a partner that was able to realize it, a not really common way to work with PET. 60.000 pieces were made and distributed f.e. at Rossmann, Germany.
PRODUCTION & TIMING | Design, Tooling and production 100% made in Europe, timeframe: 7 month
COMPANY PARTNER | Guhl / a Kao Brand


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