Glacier Nailpolish Terazzo

THE CHALLENGE | Nail Polish is hard to recycle due to its format and the fact, that always parts of the polish will stay in the bottle. That leads to the fact, that only recycling path is thermical – means burning.
THE IDEA | Find a new way to use the bottles in an artsy way and take the bottle in a whole without too many effort. Try to set the material in scene: the thick glass and the laquer residues are creating a very nice effect and depth.
THE SOLUTION | Crush the bottles and combine them with a marbel mixture. Outcome is a new interpretation of colourful terrazzo, a material that can be used in the kitchen, as shelves, table, on the floor for the objects.
PROJECT & TIMING | Design and production 100% made in Germany within 5 months.
COMPANY PARTNER | cosnova Beauty with the brands essence and catrice.

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